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The Delinquents Part 4 (Suburban Incantation) from rage bank on Vimeo.

One minute excerpt from The Delinquents part 4 'Suburban Incantation' Duration 3.10 mins 2012

Part 4 Suburban Incantation

Suburban Incantation focuses on 1990’s Hardcore Rave music and culture, a hybrid of speeded up Hip Hop breakbeats and dance/drug club culture and attempts to inject sociological theory from Dick Hepdiges influential text, Subculture ‘The Meaning of Style’ – As the opening text asks ‘In the final analysis what are we to make of stylish incantation? This line of objective enquiry is in contrast to the lived experience of Ravers lamenting the drugs and music from back in the day, set in the paranoid playground of their youth. Hepdige also asserts that the power of stylish recuperation always lets a few deviants through- in the  1970’s The Sex pistols, in the 1990’s the Prodigy, and today it would be Dizzee Rascal or Tiny Tempah, giving the impression of limitless, upward mobility, a false representation of social fluidity that can re-emerge obliquely in frustrated groups, culminating in acts of nihilistic aspiration such as looting and rioting. The objective view of theory from the helicopter’s camera views the stylish incantation as an obscure challenge to the order, or at least challenge as an obscure noise, reverberated in the cut up cacophony of speed induced drum beats, played over the image of Croydon burning, in the recent London riots of August 2011.