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The Delinquents Part 3 (Cut Faster) from rage bank on Vimeo.

 One minute excerpt from The Delinquents part 3 'Cut Faster' Total duration 2.30 mins 2011

From the outset subcultural forms such as breakdancing embody authentic rebellion and a unique creativity, born from a position of disenfranchisement. Yet over time the representations of these forms are diluted and degraded through the film industry, advertising, computer games, and large scale spectacular talent showcases such as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, rendering its original form empty of meaning and significance. Cut Faster begins in the DJ Grandmaster Flash's Kitchen in the South Bronx as he demonstrates on 3 turntables how to cut back and forward from drum break to drum break to generate a continuous rhythmic beat, punctuated by flamboyant stabs of record scratching. Influenced by the cut up editing style of scratch video I start backspinning and kicking into Windmill moves, manically back and forth in a projected portal back into the 1980’s that include sampled documentaries such as Wildstyle, Style Wars, and then Graffiti Rock (an early MTV like incarnation that showcased Hip Hop culture) Beat Street, and then morphing into the contemporary depiction of breakdancing as showcased on talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent where it re-emerges as a safe hybrid for mainstream consumption and ending up in a VW advert, as breakdancing is used to sell VW Golf GTI’s through a bodypopping handspinning computer generated 1950’s Gene Kelly.