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Still from War Machine (1984) by Duvet Brothers exhibited at Bunker Mentality in 2012

Bunker Mentality was a four day video art exhibition in a labyrinthine 2nd world war bunker in Dalston, curated by Alexis Milne in East London in 2012. The exhibition traced a lineage of video montage from 1980's artists such as The Duvet Brothers and Gorilla Tapes to artists currently subverting appropriated footage such as Joey Holder, Matthew Johnstone, George Barber, Alexis Milne, and Nicola Woodham. The Exhibition also featured Riot Act SE6, a live video installation performance by Tom Bresolin and Alexis Milne.

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Still from Reality Check by George Barber (2012)


Still from Hippocampus by Joey Holder (2012)

Still from Riot Act SE16 (2011) by Alexis Milne and Tom Bresolin


Still from STATIC (Alone without you) by Matthew Johnstone 2012


Still from Neon Alone by Nicola Woodham (2012)


Still from Surban Incantation by Alexis MIlne (2012)